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Boston Government Collaborative


  • Committed believers in Jesus – not just social, political or cultural.
  • Serious about addressing Unacceptable Realities in Greater Boston.
  • High integrity, highly conscious of confidentiality and committed to respecting each other’s differences.
  • Person of peace – doesn’t matter if it’s the janitor or the Senator.
  • Not exclusively political nor exclusively non-political – seeking to include people from both spaces.
  • Proactively maintaining a balance of viewpoints – Republican and Democrat; representative of the racial, gender, and socio-economic diversity of the city.
  • Exclusivity – not seeking 1000s of members.


  • To encourage and support one another in our respective vocations – that people would realize they are not alone.
  • To consider organic opportunities for collaborative action (e.g. work together on some policy initiative or cause).
  • To resource institutional leaders who want insight on how to effectively engage in the government or political context (e.g. maintain/curate thoughtful content, serve as panelist at church event on political engagement).


  • We meet quarterly.
  • Stay connected organically as members so choose.
  • Share information with each other.
  • Collaborate on initiatives.
  • Are available as resources for those who want to learn how to effectively engage.


Connect with us at [email protected].