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Racial Justice Initiative

Post-trauma Healing: 

  • People of color are disproportionately victims of trauma.
  • Trauma inhibits all aspects of life.
  • The Boston Trauma Healing Collaborative is a collaborative effort between the Cory Johnson Program and American Bible Society to facilitate churches working together to bring Christ-centered healing to those deeply wounded by trauma.

Generational Wealth Creation: 

  • Partner with successful Christian real estate developer in Dorchester.
  • Facilitate substantial down-payment grants to first-time homebuyers of color.
  • Coach and mentor for long-term wealth creation.

Access to Education: 

Partner with the Boston Education Collaborative to facilitate churches, schools, and nonprofits to empower underserved urban students with the education they need for transformation – in their lives and in their communities.

Biblical Civic Engagement:

Partner with the & Campaign to educate and organize Christians for civic and cultural engagement.

Support Women of Color:

  • Families for Justice as Healing works to end incarceration for women and girls in MA through participatory defense, community education, and legislation.
  • Domestic Violence working group with City of Boston – support to Casa Myrna.

Community-building Events:

  • Host #BostonPray for over 1,000 people on Boston Common.
  • Host city-wide worship events.
  • Host dialogs and reading groups.


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