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Connecting Christians and other people of goodwill, helping them understand what’s already happening in Boston and engaging them in ways that leverage their time, talent and treasure to impact Unacceptable Realities in our City.


Developing new networks and connecting existing networks.


Sharing knowledge about opportunities for impact.




Facilitating individuals and networks engaging with their best-fit opportunities.

Turning Faith Into Action Through Collaboration

Boston Trauma Healing Collaborative

Collaborative effort between Cory Johnson Program and American Bible Society to make post trauma healing available throughout Boston.

Boston Education Collaborative

Working with churches, schools, and nonprofits to empower underserved urban students with the education they need for transformation – in their lives and in their communities.

Returning Citizens Initiative


Boston Tech Collaborative



Boston Government Collaborative

Christians in government connecting and collaborating.

Boston Women’s Collaborative

Create community, learn from each other about topics important to women, and connect with experts on ways to address societal issues facing the City.

Racial Justice Initiative

Various high-impact projects or organizations that are addressing racial justice in Boston.


Domestic Violence Initiative



Boston Philanthropy Collaborative




Boston Film Collaborative

The Filmmaker Collaborative is a dynamic learning community, exploring and sharing the story of God’s work in Greater Boston.